Renters Together MHK to Oppose Anderson Village Development

Monday, August 19, 2019

Jonathan Cole
Lead Organizer, Renters Together MHK

MANHATTAN, KAN. – Local renters union Renters Together MHK will begin working with community members to oppose the development at Anderson Village by developer Chris Elsey. In a time where individuals making minimum wage must work 2.5 full time jobs in Manhattan to afford a modest 2-bedroom apartment, Renters Together MHK is dedicated to expanding affordable housing stock within the city.

Renters Together MHK asks that a new public meeting be held, in which the developer is proactively reaching out to stakeholders around the city. Renters Together MHK will continue to organize in opposition until a Community Benefits Agreement, in which it is agreed upon that so many units will be available to low-income renters, the contractors provide a living wage, amongst other critical agreements.

Renters Together MHK is a renters union, dedicated to the belief that everyone deserves safe and affordable housing, regardless of income. The organization currently meets every Wednesday at First United Methodist Church. Renters Together MHK works with Common Table to provide a meal at 6:00PM, preceding the meeting that starts at 7:00PM.

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