We believe everyone should have access to safe and affordable housing.

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Current Initiatives

Join other MHK Renters to share stories and resources as we build relationships and make our voices heard to improve housing in Manhattan, KS.

A Resource for
Manhattan Tenants

Renters Together offers resources for tenants including: monthly educational workshops, free online webinars and advice about common issues renters face.

Code Inspection

Regularly-scheduled code inspections for rental units ensures your landlord is following the law by meeting basic housing standards.

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What is it like to rent in Manhattan, KS?

If you spend any time talking to long-term Manhattan renters, you will hear some interesting stories. What might seem to be a one-off bad experience for one tenant, is often a sign of a broader issue.

Randy - a young black man with a short beard.


(Undergraduate student at Kansas State University)

“I worked full-time and was a full-time engineering student. Renting a one bedroom apartment in Manhattan for $550-600 a month was ridiculous. In fact half of my income went to pay my rent. And it was a very low quality apartment at that, particularly for the money I was throwing away renting.”

Bri - a young woman with long dark brown hair smiling


(Student at Kansas State University)

“You shoulda seen the back side of our vanity, how much mold was growing all over the whole thing. I sent out a mold kit to get tested and when it came back it was labeled toxigenic mold. It wasn't even a common household mold. It shouldn't have been growing there in the first place. Toxigenic molds arent'good because they can do irreparable damage you tour cell system.“



(International Student at Kansas State University)

“I'm an international student at K-State that struggles financially with housing. The fact is that it is extremely difficult for international students to find housing and we are particularly vulnerable to getting taken advantage of as we look for housing from abroad. Jardine is basically the only option.

Kansas State has not taken a leadership role on the issue of affordable housing, but I think they can and should. That would give me some hope.”

We want to hear your story.

We are collecting renter's stories about problems they face finding safe and affordable housing in Manhattan, KS. We share stories online through social media, letters to local newspapers, and with our local representatives. We want renters to know they're not the only one facing these sorts of issues.

Let us know what issues you’re currently facing and we’ll reach out to you to help you edit and publish your story online.

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Take Action

Write a letter to the editor

Writing letters to the editor is one of the most effective ways of getting legislator’s attention. Submit a rough draft of your story to us and we’ll help you polish it for publication!

Meet with an Organizer

Meet with Rachel or Jon to discuss some actions you can take, receive coaching on advocacy, and help realize your potential while fighting for housing justice.

Email the City Commission

Write an email to the city commission and let commissioners know why safe and affordable housing is important to you.


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