Have you had a picky landlord who doesn’t ever get on maintenance requests? Or maybe they swiped your security deposit, and you can’t get it back? Landlords often take advantage of tenants because they don’t know the law. These forms range from demanding your landlord fix basic safety issues, to getting your security deposit back, to breaking your lease for various reasons. Please keep a copy of every single form, message, agreement, etc., for your records should you have to go to court. Shout out to Paul Shipp and Kansas Legal Services for working with us on these issues.

Hold your landlord accountable, use these forms.

Rental Property Inventory & Condition Form

Complete this form within five days of moving in. All items are presumed to be in good condition unless noted otherwise. Test all locks, window latches, smoke detectors, and equipment. The form is not a repair request. Submit all requests for repairs separately using a maintenance request.

Demand for Performance Form

A tenant should use this form after they move in and discover the rental unit is not in compliance with K.S.A. 58-2552, 58-2553 and 58-2560(b).

5 Day Notice of Termination of the Rental Agreement Form

A tenant should use this form if landlord fails to deliver the rental unit in accordance with the rental agreement and K.S.A. 58-2552, 58-2553, and 58-2560(b). When a landlord does not deliver a rental unit that is in compliance the tenant has the write to terminate the lease agreement.

Demand for Return of Security Deposit Form

Always used after the tenant has vacated and given the landlord the keys to the rental unit. Catch the Facebook Live on this form here.

Maintenance Request - Common Area Form

Sometimes rental units, like apartment buildings, have common areas that need to be maintained. A common area might be a lobby, elevator, community room, sidewalk, stairwell, dumpster, pool, playground, yard, etc.

Maintenance Request - For the Rental Unit Form

A tenant should use this form whenever a repair is needed to the rental unit occupied by the tenant.

14/30 Day Notice of Landlord Noncompliance Form

This form should be used when repairs needed are so essential that the failure to repair them will cause health and safety issues; the tenant should be ready to threaten termination of the least agreement. This type of situation is one where the problem is materially affecting the health and safety of the occupants.

Second 14/30 Day Notice Form

If the the landlord attempted to make a good faith effort to fix a problem described in a prior 14/30 Notice and the problem again arises the tenant may give the landlord this notice and terminate the lease.

5 Day Termination Notice Form

If there has been a natural disaster or some catastrophic event beyond control of anyone that makes it impossible for occupancy to continue.

Notice of Early Termination of Lease Form

This form is to be used when the tenant must terminate the lease because of some unexpected reason that is not related to a catastrophe, casualty or act of god, for example, loss of job, illness, required move, health issues, etc. The Facebook Live is found here.