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I Could Lose My Section 8 Because Of My Landlord



REVIEW: I called code services because of the numerous problems I had experienced at my home. Betty still has not brought the place up to code standards. She has tried trying to get me kicked out of my Section 8 numerous times. Every month, there is something wrong with the place. Last week, she was out of town; the city sent me a letter stating that there is a water leak somewhere in the house. This is because I went from using 11 units to 149 units over the course of a month. Of course, I could not stay in the house because I have 5 small children and did not want their health to be affected by everything. When she returned, she gave me a 5 day eviction notice, yelling and cussing at me in front of my little kids. My lease is up next month. In the lease, it states I can make installment payment for the security deposit, however she is trying to take away my Section 8 voucher because I have not paid the deposit in full yet. Even then, she has not kept the place up to code, putting me in an unsafe living situation with my kids.